10 Interesting facts about solar energy!

1. Solar energy is the reason we are all alive today; it is the main source of energy for all life forms, read on for more interestig facts about solar energy!




2. Solar power is one of very few sources of energy that are completely free.



3. On Earth we are especially lucky; the sun is in the top 5% of stars in the Milky Way in terms of brightness and size.



4. Although the sun is over 90 million miles from the Earth, it takes less than 10 minutes for light to speed across that distance.



5. Only 0.01% of the energy produced by nuclear fusion in the sun PER SECOND would be needed to satisfy the entire population of the earth’s energy requirements.



6. The largest solar power plant in the world is located in the Mojave Desert in California, covering 1000 acres.



7. A single Air Force base in Nevada has saved $83,000 A MONTH since it switched from using traditional energy sources to solar energy produced on site.



8. The average US taxpayer pays almost 100 times as much in subsidies for fossil fuels as he does for solar energy.



9. Solar energy has been used for over 2700 years; in 700 BC, glass lenses were used to make fire by magnifying the sun’s rays.



10. Space missions have been using solar energy to power spaceships since 1958.


Hope you enjoyed our interesting facts about solar energy!!!

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  1. so good!!!!!!!!!!
    thank you! i liked the info.

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